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International Application Application Procedure
Concerning the application procedure, you have to fill and send us the following documents, signed and stamped:

After preparing all documents, please ask the International Relations Office from your Institution to send them by e-mail to .

Remember that you must be nominated by your Institution. It’s enough to send an email ( ) with student's name, gender, area of study, mobility period (autumn or spring semester or both) and student's e- mail contact, otherwise your application won't be accepted.

To attend the International Module, in School of Business and Administration, students must have an English oral and written level of B1 to successfully complete the course.Use Dialang to assess your levels - Lancaster University

Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal
A/C Ana Dias
Campus do IPS
Edifício EStsetúbal
2910-761 Setúbal - PORTUGAL

Once the Learning Agreements are approved, we will inform the Sending Institution and send the signed Learning Agreement and the student’s Acceptance Letter.